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About the Design


In 2008, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) completed the federally required Project Development & Environment, or PD&E, Study to evaluate improvements to State Road (SR) 82 from Lee Boulevard to State Road 29. The 23-mile study considered alternatives to expand the road from two lanes to four lanes (and ultimately to six lanes) through Lee, Hendry and Collier Counties. Numerous roadway typical cross sections and alignments were developed and evaluated as part of this study. An extensive public involvement program was implemented to inform the public of the study and to receive feedback on the proposed improvements being considered.

With Federal Highway Administration's approval of the PD&E Study, the next step in the road widening process is preparation of design plans that contractors will use to construct the widening of SR 82. Design projects for segments of the 23-mile corridor currently are underway. This project is divided into smaller segments for design and construction phases, which includes this segment, from Lee Boulevard to Shawnee Road.

Please click here to view final documents from SR 82 PD&E Study. Documents & Publications .

The proposed improvement involves widening SR 82 from an existing two-lane roadway to a six-lane divided roadway.The corridor will have a median separating three 12-foot travel lanes in each direction, 6.5-foot inside and outside paved shoulders, a five-foot sidewalk on the north side and a 10-foot shared-use path on the south side.

With addition of a median through this segment, FDOT develops a plan for median openings and turn lanes. How median openings are spaced and where they are placed assist in more efficient traffic movement on the highway, reduction of crashes, and enhanced safety for pedestrians. Median openings allow access to side streets and allow left turn and U-turn opportunities.

During the design phase, we will update the website with the latest median opening information. Again, early public involvement and comments are important during development of the median plan. Comments suggesting changes made late in the process cannot be incorporated into design plans.

Please visit Email Updates for more information about how to reach project team members with questions and/or comments.

Typical section of proposed SR 82